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Carrier's Carrier - We provide the technology and operations - you provide the sales!
Welcome to TeleNeo, where communication matters. 
Using over 50 years in combined experience, we have been able to create a remarkable cloud based telecom solution to allow people to communicate across the globe, at the most competitive rates on the market. 
Scroll down for more about who we are and what we can do for you! 
Our goal is to provide affordable communications for your customers! Whether they want to talk to their international offices, local branches, or just want to be able to talk to a family member. We aim to cut down the high costs of communication, both nationally and internationally, taking care of all the technology and operations – you provide the sales and customer service!  
With our business solutions, a small monthly fee will provide a complete business telecoms setup which can replace the outdated PBX solutions of the past. 
Our home consumer services are brought to life using the best in mobile app creation, so your customers can keep in touch with family and friends wherever they may be! 
We are TeleNeo. Where communication matters. 

· Virtual Global PBX
· International Calls - Special Rates to Brazil and South America
· International Roaming and IoT SIMs
· Telephone Lines, Call Packages and Broadband
· Custom service for our resellers
· Quality, Efficiency and Economy!
· We DO NOT sell directly to end users - we sell ONLY through our partners and resellers!

Global PBX
It's a cloud-based, easy-to-use, enterprise-class, corporate telephony service - a virtual PBX. Your calls are made and received through a broadband connection, and you easily configure and monitor your phones through a web portal. Particularly economical for companies with subsidiaries and / or offices distributed, nationally or internationally. TeleNeo is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, operating locally or across multiple sites. No matter how many times a business goes through changes, TeleNeo can change together. Changing or adding new users by adding more phones to the network by updating any of the system preferences - your customer has full control over how his telephone network is set up.
Mobile Solutions
The TeleNeo App 
The new TeleNeo App for SmartPhones, when associated with the TeleNeo platform, brings another level to communications mobility. App users can make national and international calls through our partner carriers, with quality and economy. If the call goes to another TeleNeo App subscriber, the call is free! That´s right! International links at NO COST! When associated with the TeleNeo commercial platform, the App provides unprecedented mobility for commercial telecommunications. It replicates the desk-top phone for executives on the move!
We can set up an MVNO for you in Europe or in Brazil (Other regions coming shortly!)

Our  ADSL and FTTC broadband is a set of internet access products using the latest ADSL2+ and FTTC technology to provide download speeds of up to 80Mbps. We provide our partners with a high-quality broadband service suitable for resale to customers.
In House WiFi
Our Managed Wi-Fi provides partners with a safe, advanced wireless network to support their customers’ access needs. The reliable service provides secure access to staff, providing a powerful signal strength throughout their organisation. A fully managed solution completely eliminates the hassles of implementation and management, giving customers complete peace of mind with our 24/7 monitoring.
Consult us . . . we can provide all you telecoms and infrastructure needs!

Products and Solutions
Our Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) focus is on supporting resellers and agents to reach new and niche markets by helping them create and manage their own mobile presence as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. 
What is an MVNO? 
A Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a service provider that obtains access to services at wholesale rates from a mobile network operator. 
Our MVNO solution 
Our UK MVNO solution operates on the O2 and Vodafone networks and is designed to be totally flexible. We can provide a wide selection of services, from a full white label MVNO with SIM branding and call plans, to a niche MVNO targeted at a local community. 
With our approach and our team of industry experts and partners, we will bring you to market within weeks rather than months and with very low set up fees you’ll be making profit sooner.

International SIM Cards
Offer your customers our International Roaming SIM card for huge savings of up to 85% on their overseas mobile phone bills. They will also receive free incoming mobile calls and texts in 44 countries. There is no contract, no annual or monthly fee and no hidden charges. As a TeleNeo partner you won’t pay any set up fees to offer this service to your customers. 
With our SIM card your customers can make outgoing calls in over 170 countries at a fraction of the price of their current UK mobile provider.
Your customers can also use our SIM cards in the UK to save money on international calls. 

International and Local Calls
Our international and local low cost call service is a flexible and portable method for end users to make huge savings on international or local call rates. 
Low cost calls on a mobile phone 
Low cost international and local calls are offered through a prepaid international call service. The services is very popular with end users because there is no contract and no need to change your SIM or carry two handsets. 
All the customer has to do is top up their calling credit using their PAYG or monthly mobile contract. Payment is made by using PSMS, PayPal, Credit/Debit card or with a voucher supplied by you – the reseller or agent. Then they simply dial an access number followed by the international or local number they want to call. The mobile service also provides cut-price calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.  

 - Commission based only - selling TeleNeo's products under the TeleNeo Brand and Logo.
 - Complete Billing Provided
 - After Sales Support provided by TeleNeo
 - Agent is responsible for sales and marketing only.
 - No upfront investment

Branded Reseller
 - Reseller provides billing and after-sales support
 - Reseller uses his own brand, packaging and logo
 - Minimum committment required
 - Wholsesale rates
 - Small set up fee for Branding Services

Virtual Reseller
 - Use our billing with your brand
 - Minimum committment required
 - Cost slightly higher than wholesale
 - Small set up fee

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